All you need to know about Moalboal and surroundings.

About Moalboal

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Moalboal is a small town on the South-West side of Cebu island, Philippines. It's mostly used as an entry point to Panagsama Beach, where most of the resorts, restaurants, bars and dive schools are.

At first glance it may seem like there is not much to do for a tourist in Moalboal itself, but it serves as an excellent basecamp for diving and exploring the surrounding area. The many diveshops in Panagsama beach are mixed with a lot of bars and restaurants, and you can find both luxury and budget friendly accommodation to return to after your excursions. Moalboal is mostly known for the diving its coastline's multiple reefs provide, but if you look a bit further there are many more natural wonders to explore. The mountains inland offer spectacular vistas and the area is covered by dense tropical rain forests divided by rivers and canyons.

Moalboal is divided in two parts:

  • Panagsama Beach
  • White Beach (Basdako)
In panagsama beach you find most of the restaurants, resorts and dive shops. Panagsama is also known for its nightlife, mainly in Chili bar where locals and tourist get together for food, drinks and late at night loud music. Every Saturday, Panagsama has a disco night in Pacitas Disco.

If you prefer something more quiet, better stay in White Beach (Saavedra), which is around 15 minutes drive from Panagsama Beach by tricycle.

How to get here?

The easiest way to reach Moalboal is from Cebu City. The road is in good condition, even in the second part in the mountains and is about 80 km.

By van

Most of the resorts/dive shops in Moalboal propose to hire a van from Cebu airport to Moalboal. Be ready to pay around ₱3000 for this 3 hr trip.

By taxi

Taxis can be hired at Cebu Airport for ₱3,000 (fixed rate as of January 2012). Many of the hotels and guest houses in Panagsama Beach will send a car or van for pickup for about ₱3,000.

Another option is to arrange your taxi ride in advance. There are several private operators driving legitimate taxi's.

On arrival at the new terminal, (Sept 2018) exit and turn left, before the taxis there are car hire desks with set prices of P2600. Rates seem identical which ever one you use.

By bus

Moalboal Ceres Bus

As usual, the cheapest method is a local bus (2.5 to 4 hours). From Cebu airport, take a white metered taxi and ask to go to the south bus terminal (the airport is in Mactan, quite far from Cebu city, so be ready to pay around ₱200 for this). The yellow airport taxis are more expensive - expect to pay around ₱300. Both white and yellow taxis can be found to the right of the departure entrance of the airport. If you exit the airport at arrival exit, you need to go right and walk around 50m. There will be some white cars parked in front of the arrival airport exit. They are not white taxis and they will rip you off. White and yellow taxis have a taxi sign on the roof. Talk only with taxi driver. There will be a lot of other guys around trying to sell you different tickets/options... (mar 2016)

Then take the bus here (the main company is the yellow color buses of Ceres Liner). Be sure to use an already almost full bus to avoid waiting. The no-aircon (most are like this) travel will cost you ₱115 (Aug 2018) + ₱10 of terminal fee if you don't pay directly in the bus. Air-con with free WiFi (yellow Ceres) buses are ₱180 (June 2019). The bus will drop you off in Moalboal town which is 4km from Panagsama and 9km from White beach. The tricycle ride to Panagsama should cost less than ₱30 per person (locals pay ₱7), but expect that driver will ask 200 pesos at first...

Other options

Coming from Dumaguete, it is possible to take the ferry boat between Sibulan (ca ₱100 by tricycle from the city center, or P10 in a jeepney) and cross to Lilo-An on Cebu island. There, take another tricycle (around ₱50) to the nearby bus station in Bato (San Sebastian). Another option from Dumaguete is taking a jeepney to Tampi (take a jeepney going to Amlan, P20), and there a RORO ferry directly to Bato for P70. Ceres buses headed for Cebu City stop there regularly, and some of them go via Moalboal (ask the driver). The bus fare is ₱70 (non aircon, Nov 2015).

Get around

The easiest way to get around the town is to use tricycles, though if you are comfortable driving on rough roads, then you should strongly consider renting a motorbike. From Moalboal to Panagsama Beach, the usual fare is ₱150 (September 2017), drivers will start at ₱150 but will go down to ₱100 if you auction the ride with all the drivers around. Don't pay more than ₱200. At night the rate is about ₱200 as it is off peak hours already. To White beach most people were paying between ₱150-₱300 in Sept 2017, depending on nday vs nighttime. If you don't have much luggage, another cheap way to get around is by "habal habal", basically riding on the back of a motorbike. Moalboal to Panagsama by habal habal is around ₱30-50. You can also take the shared tricycles that go back and forth between Moalboal and Panagsama for about ₱30.

If you are staying for a bit longer, it's a good idea to rent a motorbike. A Semi automatic motorcycle Honda XRM 125cc for ₱400 per day or automatic scooter at ₱500 per day. They do have weekly packages which is relatively cheaper than per day basis (5 days 1500P)

Where to stay?

As of today (2021), Moalboal has a lot of accommadations to offer. In Panagsama Beach, as well as in White Beach, there is a large choice of resorts (all price ranges), bamboo native huts or backpacker places.

If you like to have some nightlife, better stay in or around Panagsama so you can save on transportation. All resorts in White Beach offer food, but it might be quite a walk to go out and find something else for dinner.

We have a large network of resorts (with our without swimming pool), hotels, backpacker places etc. in our portfolio, covering every price range (from 200 euros a night till 7 euros a night). Please inquire here for advice and reservations.

Scuba diving in Moalboal

Moalboal has always been a hotspot for scuba divers! Only recently it was discovered by backpackers, mostly looking for cheap accommodation and fun.

Both Panagsama Beach as White beach have numerous dive shops. In White Beach, you find most of them attached to a resort, while in Panagsama you have as well dive shops working independently or together with a resort. Most of dive shops issue PADI licenses, but it is also possible to find SSI, CMAS or SDI.

Dive sites

Moalboal Dive Sites

Here you can see al the dive sites Moalboal has to offer. We have dive sites suitable for beginners, as well as more advanced dive sites. Most diving in Moalboal is wall diving. The wall starts close from the shore at usually a depth of 5 meters, going down to 60-80 meters. The most beautiful parts of the wall are the more shallower ones, since there is still a sunlight so corals can grow. Also most of turtles are seen in these areas.

Dive site number 9 is a bit special, since here we see the sardine bowl where Moalboal is famous for. Very often you see schools of tuna and jackfish hunting the sardines. If you are really lucky, you can even spot the tresher shark! You can reach this divesite also by the shore and just snorkel there.

Moalboal Sardines

Also sites numbers 13, 14 and 15, Pescador Island, are amazing dive spots because of their untouched corals!

Under here we see an underwater map from Tanon Strait. Image by . Tanon Strait by Blue Nomads

Dive Courses

PADI Dive Courses

If you don't have any experience in scuba diving and you want to try, we can offer you a dive course. We offer all PADI standard dive courses up till the level of Divemaster, and this at very competitive prices. If you have a license from a different fedration than PADI, you can still join our fun diving. If you want to get a higher level, we can scale you in acoording to PADI standards. Following courses we offer:

  • DSD - Discover Scuba DiveQR Code DSD program PADI DSD app / DSD web
  • (Junior) Open Water Diver
  • Advanced Open Water Diver
  • Rescue DIver
  • Divemaster
We also offer following specialties:
  • Nitrox diver
  • Deep Diver
  • Underwater Photography
  • Wreck Diver
  • Peak Peformance Buoyancy course
  • Night Diver

The typical beginner course is Padi Open Water Diver. Here we will learn you the basic techniques in 5 confined water session (pool or pool-like conditions). Course includes also a minimum of 4 real open water dives, where we will practise what we learned in the pool and gain more experience and confidence. At least 2 dives will be by boat. There is also a theory part, which you can study already at home if you want.

Please inquire here.

Freediving in Moalboal

Moalboal Freediver

Because Moalboal offers deep steep walls close to the shore, it became also a very popular spot for freedivers all around the globe.

There is a few freediver shops where we have contact with where you can start or continue your freediving adventure.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide you a better deal with them!

Whaleshark watching

Oslob Whaleshark Watching

Around 100 km South of Moalboal, you can go to the small town of Tan-awan, near Oslob. Here they offer guaranteed whaleshark watching and snorkeling (scuba possible also). Fishermen there wake up early and start feeding the gentle giants, who then follow their boats to the coast where you can snorkel with them. Before you will enter the water, there will be a small briefing what to do and wht not to do!

You have to be there early, since they stop feeding around noon. Best practice is to arrive there around 6 am in the morning, as sometimes there is a large crowd waiting before you.

Pro's and con's of whaleshark watching


  • Fishermen are feeding the sharks, meanwhile they are not fishing.
  • Many of locals who before lived in poverty, have jobs now and have some income to survive.
  • As a visitor, you are guaranteed to meet the gentle giants.
  • .... Pls do some suggestions if you have ...


  • Whalesharks get used to boats and might come later to close to propellers of other boats when swimming around the globe.
  • It might disturb the whaleshark migration pattern.
  • Although it is not allowed, people might touch the animals.
  • It is like a zoo there, of course it is more nice to encounter them unexpected.
  • .... Pls do some suggestions if you have ...

International tourists are charged a flat fee of 1,000 pesos (~$20 USD) to swim with the whale sharks for 30 minutes that is inclusive of the boat ride and snorkeling gear rental.

Anyway, it is your decision when you want to participate on this or not. If so, do not hesitate to contact us, we can provide you transportation, and if you want a tour including Kawasan falls, whalesharks etc.



Canyoneering is fun from beginning to end. Jumping, swimming and walking in and beside an amazing river that forms a beautiful canyon. With the help of our guides and equipment, you can dare to jump from bigger heights.

There is two different canyoneering trails near Moalboal. One is the Badian trail which follows the river and ending in Kawasan falls. Another trail, with 4 more jumps, is located in Allegria, a 25 km more South of Badian. Both trails are worth doing!


  • Jumping, climbing and floating in a beautiful canyon
  • 4m (required) to 12m (optional) jumps
  • Interesting fauna and flora
  • Challenging, but not too hard
  • Tours every day
  • No minimum - also single person bookings
  • Start 9am - Back around 4 to 5pm


Around 75 USD per person, discount may apply for bigger groups.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a booking, we know the best guides!

Hiking Osmena Peak


Osmeña Peak is said to be one of the highest points in the island of Cebu, a province in the Philippines. Standing 1,013 meters above sea level, this stunning site offers a dramatic view of jagged cliffs with a view of the sea in the distance. Locals often liken the view to Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. But instead of rolling curved mounds, the hills here have sharp protruding peaks. Set amidst the limestone cliffs, the hills resemble a field of gigantic green Hershey’s Kisses. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen during previous hikes.

Admittedly, the trail going to Osmeña Peak is one of the easiest hikes I’ve done. The 700-meter climb from the entrance in Mantalongon, Dalaguete, which is now reachable by 4 x 4 vehicles and habal-habal (motorcycle taxi) can be done in 15-20 minutes. But the view is really special.



25 km south of Moalboal, in the small town of Badian, you can find the Badian zipline adventures.

The Badian Zipline Adventure is the longest zipline facility in South Cebu. At 1 kilometer, the zipline takes adventurers from one hill to another over houses, tall trees, trails, and thick shrubbery.Because of the distance, the entire zipline trip (from the launching platform all the way to the landing pad) lasts about one whole minute. That’s around 60 seconds of pure adrenaline , and screaming, and hyperventilating. (Well, actually, it depends on how well you deal with adventure rides.)

The Perfect Pre-Canyoneering Activity

The launching platform of the Badian Zipline Adventure is located right next to the briefing station in Sulsogan. Basically, everyone who wishes to go canyoneering must attend the briefing before they can go on the actual adventure. And after the quick session, to finally proceed to the jump-off point, you can simply take the zipline and you’re there after one minute.


Kawasan falls

Kawasan falls

Kawasan falls Cebu is a peaceful natural place where you can enjoy many waterfalls of natural spring water located near the southern tip of Cebu Philippines. A gentle hush of rushing ice cool water.. All this and more in Badian’s Kawasan Falls!

From the entrance you will have to walk uphill for about 1.5 kl to get to the first waterfall. Along the way, souvenir shops are selling accessories such as beaded necklaces, bracelets, and Kawasan print t-shirts.

Kawasan has many waterfalls. The first one is the largest of the three, and is usually the most crowded. An uphill climb for fifteen minutes will take you to the second falls, and another, and another. Its a good idea to bring in your own food, the resort’s restaurants are not cheap and prices are not marked. We ran into problems with the prices getting higher as the day went on.

Cottages (1,500 to 2,500 php) and tables (500php) are also available for rent, the rooms are for overnight stay. You can rent a raft (300 php) to take you around the “pool” or for a refreshing “shower massage” under the falling water. Life vests are also available for rent.

The pathway back is very dark once the sun sets so its best to bring a flashlight. You should be extra careful in going down the slope especially the one descending from the second or third falls to avoid mishaps or accidents.

Kawasan Falls is a great get-away destination in the southern part of Cebu for family’s and gatherings.

Aguinid falls - Samboan

Aguinid falls

Aguinid Falls is one of more than 11 waterfalls of the town of Samboan and perhaps the most popular of them all. It lies along the calcium-rich Tangbo River making the water beautifully turquoise and warm.

Aguinid Falls is a multi-layer cascade with the first five levels accessible to general public with a guide. The entire journey involves upstream river trekking and rappelling, and will need one to climb walls, rocks and boulders. Be not afraid for it is generally an easy feat with the help of your guide.

The first level is around 15 minutes from the trailhead which features a small cascade and a natural pool with a passage on the side that leads to the next level. The nearby second level is a 30-meter high slanted wall that needs to be climbed to advance to upper levels; rockholes, rope and assistance of the guide make the climb easy. The third level features a cavern while the fourth level is where one can jump off to a small pool approximately six feet deep.

But the highlight of Aguinid Falls is the fifth level with a towering 25-meter wall made up of mushroom-like rock formations and a shallow turquoise-colored natural pool. Go climb the wall and experience the natural massage of flowing water!

Beyond the fifth level are few more cascades (at least three more) which are generally offbeat and less appealing than the fifth.

Mantayupan falls - Barili

Mantayupan falls

Mantayupan Falls in Barili is the highest waterfall in Cebu and one of the most beautiful. Set inside a natural amphitheater of trees, vines, and tropical plants, this is truly one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Cebu. It’s just a 45-minute drive from Moalboal. It can get quite busy on the weekends for the entire day but visit on a morning during the weekday and you might just enjoy this waterfall all to yourself like us.

Mantayupan Falls has two levels. On the small level is a 14-meter cascade that flows down into a circular pool. It’s the warm-up. On the top level, you will find Cebu’s highest waterfall at 98-meters, which flows down into a huge pool below.

Dao waterfall trek - Samboan

Dao Waterfall

Dao Waterfall offers not only an epic waterfall finale but it is the trek in that is truly astounding. For thirty minutes you wade through those trademark Cebu blues, while ferns and palms cover the canyon walls on either side. The trek to Dao Falls itself isn’t hard but it does require you to walk through the water and navigate your way around boulders and rocks.

The vibrant green ferns, palms and jungle plants come at you from all angles and contrast against the blues. The final piece of this incredible natural puzzle is the high canyon walls that slowly close in on you as you make your way up the cascades until you are walking through a narrow trail.

In the final parts of the trail, the locals have built a staircase, which is quite necessary as the waterfall gets fierce and steep. This is a very scenic part of the trail and you can actually get a glimpse of Dao Waterfall from the base of the stairs with the smaller waterfalls below it.

Dao Waterfall is about 40-50m high and pours down into a large pool. You can swim safely in the pool and near the falls when the flow isn’t too crazy but of course, be careful depending on the conditions. It was a great pool to refresh in after the short trail hike.

Inambakan falls - Ginatilan

Inambakan Falls

Inambakan Falls is known for having a beautiful 100-ft waterfall that plunges into a wide pool of blue water. Surrounded by lush jungle greenery it is indeed an amazing scene. However, what makes Inambakan Falls such a memorable adventure is the multi-level trek to different pools and waterfalls. When I visited, I was based in Moalboal and the drive took less than an hour on the motorbike.

The main waterfall is a 100ft flow of water, which crashes down into the blue pool of water. I really love the limestone cliffs behind the waterfall. The orange tinge contrasts so vividly against the strong blue of the pool below. We swam behind the waterfall into the cave and explored the rocks of the main pool before sending a couple of jumps into the pool below. You could adventure here for hours and it is an adventure in itself. However, there are five levels at Inambakan so this is just part of the experience.

The third level was such an incredible spot. A crystal clear pool, deep enough for cliff jumping, sits in front of a backdrop of idyllic palm trees. It is a slice of paradise right in the middle of the jungle. Inambakan Falls is a full-day adventure and is easily one of top things to do near Moalboal.

Cambais falls - Alegria

Cambais Falls

Cambais Falls is an amazing waterhole in the hills of Alegria, Cebu. It’s less than an hour’s drive from Moalboal and there are several other great waterfalls nearby to make an epic waterfall adventure day. There are several waterfalls and different cliff jumping levels at Cambais as well as great spots for swimming.

Cambais Falls has two distinct levels. On the first level, a huge, milky blue pool is surrounded by ferns, boulders, and trees. The waterfall at this level pours over the limestone cliff wall without extreme force, more of a pour! It seems to drip off the limestone in lines, which creates a beautiful scene from below. There is a lot to explore on this level like a few small caves and plenty of rocks to jump off.

On this first level, there is a solid cliff jump. From about 7 meters and then 10 meters you can jump directly from the waterfall. The spot to land it is quite small as it isn’t too deep and you need to hit the right landing area. Make sure you check the depth before jumping.

To get to the second level you clamber up a small cascade using a rope. You then wade your way through the blue water until reaching a bamboo ladder. This takes you to the second level where another beautiful waterfall crashes down into a private pool.

Cangkalanog Falls - Alegria

Cangkalanog Falls

Cangkalanog Falls is one of the most incredible spots on Cebu and it remains off the beaten path. While it isn’t a massive waterfall it boasts some incredibly transparent, freshwater in a stunning watering hole. The location is before Cambais Falls and only 1-hour drive from Moalboal. I honestly couldn’t believe it when we arrived at this location and there was no-one else there it really topped it off. In fact, no-one else came to this spot for the entire afternoon in which we visited.


Lambug Beach

Lambug Beach

Take a tricycle or motorbike about 20km south towards Badian to find Lambug Beach, one of the best in Cebu. If coming by bus, simply tell the bus driver or attendant that you want to get off at Lambug. There will probably be tricycles or motorcycles waiting there to take you to the beach. They can also arrange tours of Kawasan Falls.

While there is occasional loud karaoke at the pier end of Lambug beach, you can walk around the bend and sometimes find yourself completely alone, especially during the week. There is plenty of decent accommodation right on the beach for about 1500 pesos a night. You can even get a room where the door opens directly onto the beach and is only 20 meters from the water. You can also sleep in a tent on the beach for free. You can bring your own tent or rent one there.

Swimming and snorkeling are excellent there. There are few to no people trying to sell you stuff. That's a huge improvement over many beaches in the Philippines, where people will approach you and hard sell random stuff until you say "no" 1 to 12 times. There is an 18-hole golf course nearby and a beautiful coastal wetland area a 5 minute drive to the north filled with unusual rock formations.

Bojo River Cruise - Aloguinsan

Bojo River Cruise

If you think you have already witnessed all the captivating beauty of Southern Cebu without visiting Aloguinsan yet, think again. Prepare to be amazed and experience Cebu’s very own huge lagoon ala El Nido, Palawan!

Bojo River is Aloguinsan’s crown jewel and has thus far been named one of the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations in the World on the occasion of World Tourism Day 2016 and Best Community-based Tourism at the ASEAN Toursim Awards 2017.

The Bojo River tour, also known as the Aloguinsan River Eco-Cultural Tour, is highlighted by a ride on the river with local fishermen interpreting the local history, the flora and the fauna of the river ecosystem. The women and children serve local cuisine and weave grasses for mats as souvenirs. Because of its outstanding ecotourism initiative, the surrounding communities were inspired to take its river tourism as a model. It will take around 3 hours to complete the Bojo River Cruise package service and environmental lessons.


  • ₱400 per person – Walk-in rate for Bojo River Cruise (excluding meal)
  • ₱650 per person – Inclusive of tour, lunch, snacks at the Farmhouse, and complementary goodies. Based on advance booking (at least 2 days), minimum of 5pax.

STUDENT PACKAGE: ₱850 per head for a minimum of five persons. This includes a welcome lei, welcome drinks, lunch at The Farmhouse, snacks along the Bojo River, handicraft demo, river cruise, swimming, and a tour of heritage sites such as the baluarte (heritage park), old stone church, and parola.


Golf course

There is an 18-hole golf course nearby Lambug Beach.

Barili ATV Adventure


25 km North of Moalboal, near Barili, you can find ATV rental. The shop offers two rides, one rather short ride (30 minutes) for beginners and another longer one. It is also possible to combine both rides in one package. The longer ride takes you to breathtaking views! More info on this facebook page.

Rent a motorbike and drive the 'vegetable highway'

Vegetable Highway

Busay Cave - Moalboal

Busay Cave

Cave Busay is a nice and not so difficult short adventure for thrill-seekers. The cave offers an easy but exciting walk inside.

The cave is located in Barangay Busay, Moalboal Municipality, Cebu, Philippines.

The cave has around 650 feet long tunnel through which you will (probably!) enjoy walking with friends or even family members.

Some nice features you will obviously notice are the stalactites and stalagmites all over the place. Of course, there are other living creatures making their home inside, such as bats, birds, among others.

There is a spring and small pool inside where you can dip in to enjoy its cool and refreshing effect. The spring water inside the cave is one of the drinking sources in town.

Cold Spring - Badian

Badian Cold Spring

Beat the summer heat and swim in the cold waters without spending too much, at Kansanto Cold Spring in Badian of southern Cebu. Entrance fee is only ₱40 per head!

More info at this website.